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We do not only trade in olive oil, we produce and process Fontclara, Bitonti, Maladera and Oleastra on our own farms in Spain, Italy and Tunisia.


Olio Verde and OlivaVerde are produced in collaboration with Gianfranco Becchina in Sicily.

Über Fontclara Olivenöl

When it comes to olives, the term oil takes a minor place in my terminology. I prefer to speak of olive juice, because a good quality differs pleasantly with their fruity notes of lazy, fat dominant pressures.

Swirl my pressings like a wine in a bulbous glass, sniff and try, then you will understand my statement. You will fathom the high quality of the green-golden olive essence, discover the differences between Argudell and Arbequina and fully enjoy the lively scents and flavors: banana, green tomato, artichoke? Let your sensors run free ... "

What a lovely scent!

I am particularly proud of the 2020 vintage. It gave us excellent products. We obtained both varieties, Argudell and Arbequina , from olives that were only picked green. This results in a smaller yield, but first quality. The polyphenols are expressive, with piquant "green notes", antioxidants that are beneficial to health.

Our pressings are not only popular in haute cuisine. They also lend flavorful finesse and elegance to simpler dishes. Drizzled over a pizza or generously poured over a plate of pasta, whether used cold or warm, the olive juice sets a decisive accent. Who would want to miss that Mediterranean touch? Not me - it just belongs to it.

I like to refine grilled foods with the expressive Argudell. Or use it to loosen up strong sauces on meat dishes with a small addition. I first serve the veal shank from the oven and the white poultry at the table. I love it when the wonderful mariage of warm roast food and green olive juice rises into my nose over the plate.

The arbequina , it smells gentler, is milder and creamier in taste. I prefer it when preparing salads and often with cold dishes. And use it for steaming vegetables as well as for short frying processes. Whether at the stove or at the table: products that call for sensitive handling are grateful when seasoning is not dominant. Nature has given most fish a subdued taste of their own. Steamed as well as filleted, they look forward to a gentle accompaniment. On the other hand, the sister product with the more piquant touch goes well with shellfish.

With these hints and examples, I am now releasing you into the freedom of your own preferences and your own critical expertise. I hope you enjoy your Fontclara olive juice .

Roland Zanotelli

Roland Zanotelli
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