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Buy olive oil online:

Tips and ideas for the right olive oil

Buying olive oil online is not always easy. Here you will find a wide variety of olive oils from slightly fruity to intensely fruity.

On this page you will find everything you need to know about buying olive oil online and the right choice of your oil.

Interesting facts about olive oil

When buying olive oil online, you should always pay attention to which kitchen it is suitable for and what you are using it for in order to achieve its full effect.


Can you use olive oil in cooking? Yes of course! In Mediterranean cuisine, olive oil has been used for thousands of years for cooking, stewing, braising, gently roasting and deep-frying.


With us you can buy extra virgin olive oil online, which is perfect for hot and cold dishes.


Can you cook and fry with extra virgin olive oil? Yes, the smoke point is crucial. The oil can be heated up to 180 C. The antioxidants are heat-resistant and are not destroyed by heating.


However, it is very important : The cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil must be filtered - never use a natural and cloudy olive oil for deep-frying , as the suspended matter contained in it is created by heating it up.


All of our extra virgin olive oils are filtered, with the exception of the natural Pecorello novello. We only have small quantities of this olive oil in stock, as the shelf life is limited to about one year. Enjoy the fresh Pecorello novello from Sicily exclusively for the cold kitchen (available from December 2020).



What does extra virgin / extra virgin actually mean?


"Extra virgin" means that it is an olive oil of special quality. The oil is produced through mechanical processes (pressing or centrifugation) at a maximum temperature of 27 degrees (ideally through cold pressing or cold extraction) (excessively high temperatures have a negative effect on the sensor). The sensory properties and the chemical analysis of the oil must not show any defects. If the “extra” is missing, the oil has quality defects.


An exemplary label contains all legally required information on the origin, the producer, the time of harvest and the best before date. Information on the olive varieties as well as chemical and sensory properties is also possible. In general, the more anonymous a product is, the less likely it is that it will be of good quality.



What do the analysis values ​​say?


The labeling of olive oil is clearly regulated in the European Union and Switzerland. The specification of the acid content is only permitted if the values ​​of the peroxide number, the wax content and the absorption are given. In practice, however, this is not always observed and the label often only states the content of free fatty acids. But what does it say? For the “extra virgin” quality class, the limit is a maximum of 0.8 percent. The acidity cannot be tasted, nor does it have anything to do with the sharpness of the oil, but represents the proportion of free fatty acids in the oil. In old, overripe or even rotten olives, the content rises sharply, due to the enzymatic degradation processes that take place in the olive.















Which olive oil goes with which dish? (Food pairing)


Warm kitchen


  • Fish: For freshwater fish we recommend our Fontclara Arbequina , which is fruity . It is characterized by a milder aroma. The intensity of the aromas can be felt more easily and tends towards more ripe, fruity aromas. The arbequina complements and supports the rather lighter dishes and does not drown them out. For sea ​​fish we recommend the Fontclara Argudell and for seafood and fish fillets the medium- fruity Maladera.


  • Meat: Fontclara Arbequina or the extra virgin olive oil Maladera are very suitable for poultry and veal. The Fontclara Argudell goes well with grilled meat.

We recommend the EVO Bitonti and the Oleastra from Tunisia for lamb and beef


  • Pasta: Our Fontclara Argudell also goes very well with pasta or rice dishes . The extra virgin olive oil Maladera can also be used for pasta with seafood


  • Antipasti: All of our olive oils are suitable for antipasti. The natural Nocellara from Sicily called Pecorella, a single variety Nocellara del Belice, which is only suitable for cold cuisine or simply to taste, and our other various olive oils from lightly fruity to intense. If the antipasti have a lighter flavor, we recommend a lighter olive oil. In general, we recommend: The more intense the appetizers, the stronger the olive oil can be.



Cold kitchen


Cold-pressed extra virgin olive oils are ideal for cold dishes such as salads or marinated vegetables. They are produced very gently and provide important vitamins. Depending on the dish, you can vary it with our different extra virgin olive oils and give them a special taste.


  • Salad: For dressings of summer salads we recommend Olio extra virgin Maladera


  • Dips / Sauces: Fontclara Arbequina, Olio Verde or Olio Maladera are suitable for dips and sauces, as these are rather mild and medium-fruity. Fontclara Argudell, EVO Bitonti and Oleastra are ideal for stronger sauces.


  • Meat / fish: We recommend the EVO Bitonti or Olio Verde al lime with a natural lemon flavor for cold meat dishes such as carpaccio.


  • Bread: Our strong oils such as Fontclara Argudell, EVO Bitonti and our natural Pecorello novello (available from December 2020) go well with bread .


  • Cheese: For soft cheeses we recommend our Fontclara Arbequina olive oil. For more recent cheeses, the EVO Bitonti and Oleastra. For the refinement of milk-fresh cheeses such as mozzarella or ricotta, we recommend the Maladera or Olio Verde.


You should definitely pay attention to these things when buying olive oil online.



When buying olive oil online, the health aspect also plays a role in choosing the right oil.

In contrast to butter, sebum and lard, it does not contain any cholesterol but a lot of unsaturated fatty acids that the body cannot produce itself.


Used internally, the oil cleanses toxins, stimulates the metabolism and promotes digestion. Olive oil regulates fat metabolism by lowering the harmful LDL cholesterol in the blood without attacking the beneficial HDL cholesterol. Several researches have shown that in Mediterranean countries where the food is prepared with olive oil, cardiovascular diseases and Alzheimer's are much less common. This also applies to cancer. Recent research actually suggests that the use of olive oil can increase life expectancy and stop the aging process. The antioxidants contained in the oil stabilize the cell walls and make them less susceptible to the destruction by the dreaded free radicals. Olive oil can help soothe an upset stomach and relieve gas and wind. It promotes the elimination of toxins from the body and stimulates the outflow of bile into the intestines

Countless researches have proven the benefits of olive oil for decades. However, this only applies to high quality, cleanly processed olive oils .


Research reports

University Hospital Zurich

PD Dr Andreas Flammer


Our olive oil in action

Gault-Millau star chef Tanja Grandits uses our Fontclara olive oil in her kitchen.

Click on the link and be inspired by her magic.

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